My vocation is redemption: freedom from detriment, the harm we experience, the harm we cause. My work— whether writing, teaching, circle-keeping, preaching or offering warm accompaniment— is a love letter to the world, an abiding engagement. What I hope to capture with words are the ways life hollows us and hallows us, births, breaks, and restores us to wholeness, a moment at a time.

Leaf Seligman is no carnival barker; she is an honest-to-God magician: From deformity she creates beauty; from suffering, redemption; from freakishness, grace. In the masterful, linked stories in From the Midway, we meet the loving, lonely, bawdy, ballsy people of the traveling carnival in all their glorious, human complexity–and we come away changed. I’ll never forget these characters and I’ll never forget this book.

Sy Montgomery

Leaf Seligman’s never-to-fade portraits we can see with our deepest oldest eye. We are now a dozen steps closer to the wisdom that tells us time and space are illusions, only our oneness is real.

Carolyn Chute

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